Work Readiness


Workplace Readiness Class (DVR)

Workplace Readiness Training assists individuals in learning “soft” skills such as workplace interactions, time management, effective communication, problem solving, decision making and other interpersonal skills essential to be successful in the workplace. These sessions are designed to give individuals the skills essential for workplace success.


Session 1: What are soft skills and why are they essential to the workplace?

Session 2: Soft Skills assessment & review

Session 3: How to develop your soft skills

Session 4: Why your attitude makes a difference

Session 5:  Management styles and how to interact with different styles

Session 6:  How what you do impacts your supervisor

Session 7:  Working as a team / teamwork skills

Session 8: Negotiating with your peers and/or supervisor

Session 9: How to work with customers

Session 10: Conflict Management in the workplace

Session 11:  Expectations in different environments in the workplace

Session 12:  How do you develop time management skills

Session 13: How do you develop organizational skills

Session 14:  Problem solving in the workplace

Session 15:  Appropriate and professional written and verbal communication

Session 16:  Harassment in the workplace

Session 17:  How to advocate for yourself in the workplace

Session 18:  How to work with human resources and documentation

Session 19:  How to make sound decisions and when to involve your supervisor

Session 20-22:  Money Management

Session 23:  Dress for Success, appropriate hygiene and attire

Session 24:  What to expect with new employee orientation

Session 25:  What impression do I want to make the first day of work?

Session 26: Networking to benefit you; creating a portfolio

Session 27: Participate in a networking event

Session 28: Networking recap

Session 29:  Upward mobility in the workplace

Session 30: Present your portfolio, (bring your support system) graduation