Youth Transitions Program


Youth Transitions ProgramOur Youth Transitions Program here at The IC is all about empowering youth with significant disabilities. We define youth as young adults between the ages of 14 and 24, with a significant disability as IEP\504 Plan eligible. Through this program, we have a Youth Advocate who provides support as a peer, in helping consumer’s reach independent living goals. The Youth Advocate provides a wide array of services to cater to the goals that are set by our consumers.



Services Include:

  • In-school workshops
    • The in-school workshops we host are based on connecting with young adults, and spreading awareness on topics that are important to The Independence Center.
    • As a standard curriculum provided in schools, we facilitate an Introduction to the Independence Center (that is paired with a tour of our building), Self-Advocacy, and Disability\Mental Health Etiquette
    • There are many more workshops provided to the school districts upon request.
  • Community based workshops
    • Youth transitions consists of such a large age range, and our community focused workshops are meant to include the portion of young adults that are no longer in\or receiving secondary education services.
    • Everything provided within classrooms are also provided to the community, with the addition of family based workshops to ensure our consumers have a strong support system in their transition.
  • Youth Support Group
    • The frequency of our youth support group varies per-quarter, and can be found in our up to date calendar.


For more information about upcoming events, workshops, or changes, or if you have any questions on how to get started, please contact our Youth Advocate, Nina Kamekona through email at or by telephone at 719-471-8181 ext. 129