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If you’re caring for a loved one with a disability in Colorado, you may qualify to receive compensation and benefits by being hired as a caregiver through The Independence Center’s Families Taking Care of Families program.

Not only can this program help ease the financial stress of caregiving, you’ll also receive support and encouragement from people who understand your situation. As a member of our family, you’ll never be alone in caring for yours. We’ll walk with you along the way.

At The Independence Center, we understand what it takes to remain independent in your own home. As Southern Colorado’s home of civil rights for people with disabilities, it’s our mission to create independence so that all may thrive.

If you need help understanding your options for home care and home health care, The Independence Center offers a personal phone call with a specialist. On this call, we’ll explore options unique to you or your loved one’s situation.

Call The Independence Center at 719-476-3107 for assistance understanding your options for caregiving in the home.

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As a local nonprofit with over 30 years of experience serving people with disabilities, we also offer a traditional home health program in addition to our Families Taking Care of Families program. Visit our Home Health page for more information or click here to learn how you can get paid to be a caregiver for a spouse or family member!