Selecting a Home Health Care Agency

Selecting a Home Health Care Agency

A Home Health Care agency should be a trusted partner in helping you with your care. Services, procedures and hiring practices can vary greatly between agencies. It’s important to find an agency you’re comfortable with and that meets your individualized service requests. Below are questions and tips to help you get the right fit.

Questions to Ask the Agency

  • Who owns the home health care agency?
  • When was the agency last surveyed by the state health department or other accredited government agencies?
  • What are the agency’s policies on confidentiality of personal information and medical records?
  • Is the agency certified by Medicare for health and safety requirements?
  • How does the agency recruit employees?
  • What type of screening or background checks does the agency conduct? Federal? State?
  • Are employees drug tested?
  • Are you required to provide meals if the aide accompanies you to a restaurant or event?
  • What type of training and experience do agency employees have?
  • Are services provided by the same employee consistently?
  • How are billing and expenses handled? (Ask for all detailed costs associated with home care.)
  • When will service be provided and what limitations apply?
  • Does the agency have emergency procedures?
  • What is the agency’s grievance procedure?
  • Is the employee allowed to run errands for/with the client? Take client to medical appointments?
  • What if the employee is late or does not show up?

Questions to Ask About the Home Health Aide

  • Does the aide have a positive attitude?
  • Are you comfortable with the aide?
  • Are aides allowed to smoke while performing duties?
  • Does the aide have their own transportation?

Safety Tips When Using Home Health Care

  • Use keyless door locks that require pin numbers to control access to your home or use a lock box.
  • Keep money, valuables and medications in a secure place.
  • Monitor bank and credit card accounts and change pin numbers as needed.
  • Keep emergency numbers by each phone.
  • Be knowledgeable on what constitutes abuse and neglect.
  • Do not loan money or provide gifts for services not authorized by the agency.
  • Report any concerns.

If there is a problem with care or service, notify the agency immediately. You can also view our page on Caregiver Abuse and Neglect if you feel the care might fall into one of those categories.

The information here is only intended as general guidance and practices. Information should not be considered all inclusive or as medical health advice.


For Home Health care that you can trust, contact our Home Health Admin and Referral Specialist at 719-471-8181 or contact us using our online form.

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