Home Modification Program

Medicaid Home Modifications

Our Home Health department can assist you in getting a home modification if qualified under Medicaid. Medicaid currently offers up to $14,000 in home modification support for those currently enrolled with a qualifying Medicaid waiver. These home modifications will assist the client to have changes made to the home that will improve safety and accessibility. The Independence Center, in conjunction with your regional organization through Health First Colorado, will help with a physical therapist or occupational therapist that will complete a thorough evaluation.

Please contact our Home Health Office Administrator for more information at 719-471-8181.



Non-Medicaid Home Modifications

Becoming part of The Independence Center community has some advantages when it comes to helping with home modifications. Sometimes consumers do not qualify for Medicaid assistance or the assistance falls short for the financial help that is required to fully modify the home for needed accessibility. For these consumers, The Independence Center can help find alternative resources for obtaining funds for this shortfall. We will assist you with applications and requests for additional funding for required modifications. The Independence Center also offers a Home Modification and Technology Grant when other options are unobtainable, for those who qualify.

Each application will be evaluated based on several criteria, including but not limited to:


  • Length of time as a consumer of the Independence Center
  • Urgency of need
  • Amount of request
  • Financial situation
  • Availability of other funding sources
  • Safety and/or quality of life improvement expected
  • Complexity and cost of the project
  • Expected independence as a result of the project

If you are a consumer of The Independence Center please contact our Assistive Technology Specialist at 719-471-8181 to get this process started.

If you have not yet visited us, please call and set up a meeting to register and explore all the options that The Independence Center has to offer, such as peer support, Independent Living classes, referrals for resources, and volunteer opportunities. We look forward to providing you with information on our programs and services.

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This article, which appeared in the Gazette in January of 2019, features a couple who incorporated assistive technology and home modification into their home redesign to ensure it will be more accessible as they age.